20 years Since the Consecration of Archbishop Jānis Vanags

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“I am most thankful to God – that he gives joy and strength, meaning and everything else that makes life worth living and ministry purposeful,” on December 30th, 2013 during the thanksgiving service at Riga Dome said Janis Vanags, Archbishop of the Latvian Evangelical Lutheran Church.

He thanked all those who were present in person, all those who had sent letters of congratulations and posted messages on social networks:

“I am thankful to all those, with whom I have been able to carry out my calling – brothers and sisters in the ministry, deans, pastors, church workers and all those with whom I have been united in prayers. It is so good to know that all over Latvia in different ways and with various gifts you serve Christ ‘s call to make disciples of all nations. I am thankful to our ecumenical friends for their unique willingness to not only talk about the fact that we Christians have so much in common, but also to realize it. It is not so self-evident elsewhere in the world. I am thankful also for the willingness to discuss the various issues in humility and love. I am thankful to the government and public officials for their cooperation for the benefit of our people. Where the state, local governments, schools, non-governmental organizations, the media and the Church work together, there life becomes better and the future – brighter. Thank you for your understanding, support and openness. I thank you for your prayers, for your good thoughts and also for positive criticism, promptings and also instructions – all of it has been worthwhile.”

The Archbishop expressed special thanks to his parents, teachers, and family, especially his wife Baiba: “She has carried a large part of my burdens, sacrificing much of her growth potential. I am grateful to pastor Sigurds Sproģis whose preaching attracted me to the Lutheran Church; to professor Roberts Feldmanis whose amazing personality revealed to me the beauty of Christianity, its depth, breadth and nobility; to the Dean of the Seminary Roberts Akmentiņš whose fatherly ingenuity involved me in the theological studies; to my bishops, Jānis Matulis, Ēriks Mesters and Jonas Kalvanas who by their calling and laying on of hands made ​​me a pastor; to my Church, who welcomed me as its bishop; to the bishop of Stockholm Henrik Stockholm Henrik Svenungsson, who, along with other bishops consecrated me.”

The Archbishop Jānis Vanags (1958) was ordained pastor in 1985, consecrated – in August 29th, 1993.

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